emotional cheating

"For women, if a guy goes out and has an emotional affair with somebody, it puts her whole life in jeopardy," Weiss said
3. The thought of introducing your partner to this person makes you uncomfortable. You don't want to spend time with this
In less than six months, I'm getting married. Which, of course, is very exciting, given that I'm that girl who made a Pinterest board for my wedding long before my guy and I got engaged.
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HuffPost Live tackled the touchy subject of emotional infidelity late last week, and relationship coach Yvonne Chase stopped
Physical affairs are easy to define -- you either kissed or you didn't. But when the cheating is emotional, it can be much
That's the question at the center of a HuffPost/YouGov survey of 1,000 U.S. adults published Monday on HuffPost Divorce. What
Beth thought her girlfriend Sue had been acting differently. Ever since Sue started spending more time with her friend Amanda
In this day and age, most of us have friends of the opposite sex, whether they are co-workers, casual acquaintances or close
4. You flirt with him, touching him while talking or making playful comments. 4. Refocus your attention on your partner by