emotional labor

This Equal Pay Day, let’s reexamine how we think about labor.
Doing too much of the emotional and mental work in your household? Here's how to make a change.
If you're feeling maxed out or stressed because of holiday planning, family therapists have advice just for you.
Whether you're the emotional laboring spouse or the slacker, marriage therapists have some tips for you.
I find it insulting when men who’ve put zero effort into learning about women’s rights ask me to use my time and energy to explain to them.
A person doesn't have to be hateful in order to be racist.
I never questioned why I was giving more than I was receiving. It never occurred to me to ask. It never occurred to me to consider the possibility that something was off, here. That there were profound imbalances that begged, that demanded a restructuring of emotional and physical capital.
When I started at seminary a few years ago, I noticed a new buzzword-authenticity. Of course, I knew the word, but I wasn't accustomed to how it got brought into virtually any controversial or even meaningful discussion as if it were the Holy Grail.
White people, we can do better. We can sit with our friends of color and feel our emotions without coopting their grief. We can do our own labor to educate ourselves, and find new sources of information to take the burden of our own ignorance off the people we have oppressed for centuries.
Taking the time to practice mindfulness is an excellent opportunity for teachers to stop, sit quietly, and bring awareness to their emotions and how those emotions may be affecting them physiologically.