Emotional support animal

Video shows a young girl helping her 7-year-old reptile, Wally, cool off in Love Park in Philadelphia.
Matthew Stokes says his pet coyote "Drifter" is "a dog in a coyote's body" that was orphaned by his family.
The federal agency clarified its policies on service animals, overriding Delta's ban on pit bulls and on emotional support animals on long flights.
Marlin Jackson said he had to get 28 stitches after a fellow passenger's dog lunged for his face.
The 65-year-old Pennsylvania resident says his gator Wally eats chicken wings and shares an indoor plastic pond with a smaller rescue alligator named Scrappy.
The woman hoisted a one-finger salute to end the Orlando, Florida, showdown, which reportedly caused a two-hour delay.
Royal Caribbean reportedly is banning all emotional support animals from its cruise ships.
You're undermining a legitimate and vital mental health accommodation.