Intuitive empaths "actually feel others' emotions, energy, and physical symptoms...without the usual defenses that most people have," writes the author of The Empath's Survival Guide. Here's an introduction to the different types.
Swimming in the darkness and dancing in the light became my new jam. Feeling sadness? Well, let's take a look at that. Ooh
You must be a singer, or perhaps a freediver? Your lung capacity is amazing. You didn't even take a breath the entire evening
Self-love is us saying 'YES' to ourselves and every single beautiful thing about us. Saying 'Yes' again and again.
Experiencing my world intuitively, I shed the tendency to intellectualize feelings. Gracefully moving into full acceptance that I possess a deeper knowing. No longer warranted, brick by brick, I dissolve a wall built for protection. I confess, beautiful in my own right, I am an empath learning how to let Love in.
Because let's not forget that healthy emotional love does not have to involve needing to plug into others at the expense of remaining an independent source of light and love.
The first and most important step to rediscovering your authentic self and embracing who you are is to start nurturing your nature. In the same way that you would nurture a plant back to life, you can start nurturing yourself. Here are some tips:
Sitting here in beautiful Bucks County, P.A. -- a suburb of Philadelphia, grateful for my family, friends, home, job, Jeep
Have you ever been labeled as overly sensitive? Do you absorb the emotions of others? There is a good chance you're an emotional empath.