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“I said ... I want you to know what I teach my students is about respect and empathy, and that’s how we as adults need to model those behaviors.”
A story of a journey through peanut allergy treatment.
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And even she struggles to understand the bigotry of our criminal justice system.
"Literally needs to be spoon-fed words that project empathy. A profoundly defective human being."
How does a behavioral investigator compare the different personality types and "hack" empathy?
Kumbaya is not really in our vocabulary at Brave New Films. We are believers, not conciliators, not dealmakers. There is
For too long women have been dismissed for having strong feelings and showing them.
She was there as I walked across the stage to accept my Masters in Counseling. Are you waiting to be found out? I've never
For example, a combat vet who has flashbacks when walking into a crowded place, like a mall, doesn't believe that if he just
I suggest that you find a therapist with whom you can work on accepting and understanding your parents, which doesn't mean acting like them, but more making peace with how they were and what they implicitly taught you.