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The director got real about social issues and how they play into his new FOX show.
For whatever reason, the music game has never consistently provided a framework within which that can happen. The demise
Empire co-creator Lee Daniels appears to think it's time for people to start taking Donald Trump seriously. 
It looks like actor Trai Byers, who plays Andre on the hit show 'Empire,' is quieting rumors that he wanted to quit the show
The reign will continue: Fox has renewed hit drama "Empire" for a third season. 
The man who played Bubbles on 'The Wire' talks to veteran entertainment journalist Karu F. Daniels about this roller coaster
"I still haven’t had the moment ... I'm afraid that when I have that moment, I’ll lose the magic."
When combing through the media outlets with a discerning eye, it becomes clear that despite our national obsession with reality shows, celebrity gossip and the ingestion of stories on war, poverty and climate change, there is a steadily growing yearning from the masses for more good in the world.
What good is a badass if she can't be flawed?
Promising to produce a collection of episodes that touch on several prevalent topics, everything from black men's health to how people view guns, season two is projected to be more transparent and progressive than ever.