Empire Records

The first radio single on the six-track EP is entitled "Faded" and features Epic Records recording artist Casey Veggies and
The glazed-eyed look of a person seeing a celebrity he or she has long adored is something like an advanced state of starvation
and ... Adam Driver as Berko (originally played by Coyote Shivers) Jennifer Lawrence as the Gina (originally played by Renee
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Back in 1981, Marshall Crenshaw's single "Something's Gonna Happen" was released on Shake Records, initiating his string of critically acclaimed classic albums and 45s. Now Marshall, celebrating 30 years of music-making, sits down to talk.
So maybe one day I'll get bold and thank Renee Zellweger for how good she makes me feel while I absorb the subtleties of her glow on the big screen.