Employee Feedback

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The answer to effective performance management in my view is not doing away with reviews altogether. It's institutionalizing effective, actionable feedback - something managers and colleagues should contribute to throughout the entire year.
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For years, employers and HR pros have been searching for the elusive perfect employee engagement strategy. Organizations tried new benefit packages, overhauling company culture, and supporting career development.
When life is this hectic, you inevitably have to choose who or what gets your time, and it is but human nature for us to put off the activities that we dread doing. It's no wonder that many startup leaders procrastinate on giving feedback to their team members.
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Sure, some of us didn't need a lot of time and some of us did. There's no "normal" or "un-normal." We are all unique creatures
Given what we know from the science of motivation, lets look at why leaders defend personalized feedback in the form of carrots and sticks.
Human beings find it tough to give and receive feedback. Many of us — let’s be real, all of us — get defensive when we hear it, and we assume nobody wants to hear it from us. So feedback gets chronically buried and put off. But it doesn’t have to.