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While there are certainly costs associated with instituting preventative healthcare measures, these expenses pale in comparison to the cost of lost productivity and preventable treatment. So let's look at some of the ways that businesses can keep employees healthier and minimize sick days.
Focus on Priorities In the heat of the moment, take a quick break to gather yourself. It will help you return to the situation
Cancer can affect anyone at any time, and often crops up when you least expect it. Even if your health is in excellent condition and you follow the conventional advice of eating healthy and exercising, because cancer is simply the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells, which can happen spontaneously.
As a wellness coordinator, your attitude can not only make or break employee participation, but can actually impact how well an employee does throughout your wellness program. Taking a positive, proactive approach to your wellness program can make it both more popular and more effective.
What that Means for You After taking a look at the numbers, we dove into the trends we saw. Taking a look at health metric
You've heard it before and you'll hear it again, when it comes to your health journey, don't be afraid to start small! Even the tiniest of first steps towards a healthy lifestyle is a great first step to take.
So you've done your biometric screening event. You did the organization, recruitment and it was a success! A few weeks later, you received your aggregate results. But now what?
Check out these eight companies that offer wellness perks we all want to take advantage of. Even if you don't have the means for these specific wellness perks, consider them as inspiration for innovative wellness ideas of your own.
How do you distinguish between wellness and well-being? Because wellness and well-being are connected, you can definitely
You see the world in terms of ROI - because you are in business, and that's the language of business. But if you're approaching
The best way to make health work is to make it a habit. Committing health to habit can put your healthy decisions on autopilot. This means you'll do them without really thinking about them, which can make health so much easier!
Creating a brand for your corporate wellness program has the same types of benefits as creating a corporate brand. Your wellness program brand ensures your program is recognizable. It helps you create something with which your employees can relate.
In any business operation, it's best not to let your resources go to waste. You want your time, efforts and money to go as far as they possibly can. This idea can be easier said than done when it comes to abstract business operations like employee wellness.
Are you constantly searching for the next best thing to include in your employee wellness program? Search no further! Extensive
As much as I appreciate you reading this, it won't do your employees any good if you don't take it one step further. Your
Positivity can make all the difference in an employee's journey towards better health. A positive mindset has some obvious mental health benefits including decreased stress, improved relationships and a lower risk for depression and anxiety.
These figures show that corporate wellness works. But it takes time to figure out what motivates employers and employees to fully embrace wellness goals and to commit to a long-term healthy lifestyle change. This means that corporate wellness programs are constantly evolving.
In a deep dark recess of the Federal Register, large corporations just quietly received permission to "play doctor" with their employees. They can now impose even more draconian and counterproductive wellness schemes on their workers than they already do.
The common spaces in your office play a bigger role in company culture than you probably realize. If the breakroom, the bathrooms
Stress happens, and that's okay. Too much stress, though, and you're just asking for trouble. When you feel the work piling on and your anxiety start to rise, it's important to take a minute to do something about it.