Thirty million Americans are under a noncompete. Here's how a ban could change that.
Last month’s job growth was up from a revised 270,000 in February and was far above the 200,000 jobs that economists had forecast.
The bill aims to incentivize employers to move away from paying disabled workers in Kansas below the minimum wage.
The latest data reflect an economy and a job market that are decelerating back to pre-pandemic norms.
Experts share the tipping point at which it's no longer worth it, and when it's actually a bad sign.
A group of bipartisan senators and representatives introduced legislation last week that would end subminimum wages for disabled people.
The labor movement added 273,000 members, but couldn’t keep pace with nonunion job growth.
Millions of people are out of work around the world due to covid-19. But when the pandemic ends, certain fields will see a rise in opportunity. HuffPost Canada’s senior business editor, Daniel Tencer tells us about some of the areas that will see a boom in hiring in the future.
The unemployment rate rose to 3.7%, from a half-century low of 3.5% in July, as more Americans came off the sidelines to look for jobs.
In a huge blow to the labor rights movement, the multi-billion dollar retail giant beat efforts by warehouse workers to unionize.