• "Change from within" is how this generation is making life better. In an era of less than successful efforts at education
Moms can't wait any longer for equal rights. We have to claim them now. That's the new motherhood brand, tenderhearted tough
To all of my black people who seek justice, peace and most of all healing during this trying time, I want you to know that you too are warriors.
You’re in for one hell of a ride, but don’t worry –- you got this.
Expect the unexpected. Be prepared and bring most of these items in your carry-on luggage. Thermometer Pain Reliever/Fever
Productivity is a result. When your organization is productive, it means the people are engaged, thriving and are able to perform at high levels. The company is energized, enthused, and has a clear vision of what they need to do to get where you all want to go.
Life does not have to be "hard work" or "struggle". Be conscious of WHAT you are doing and WHY you are doing it. That's all
What employees may not have realized is that job security comes from within oneself. If you are passionate about your work and bring value to the market, you can find ways to make an income from it. On top of that, our world is changing rapidly with technology, eliminating the necessity for having to spend forty hours tied to a desk.
Maurice Ashley is the first black player to be inducted into the Chess Hall Of Fame, while transforming young lives through the game of chess.
It will never be easy for you or your health. Eventually you get used to it and tend to find ways to help yourself. Don't ever think you will be stuck like this forever. The pain will eventually heal.
These dolls were breaking major barriers before Barbie's recent makeover.
Alexandra strongly feels and reminds me often that living in fear of what could happen is unacceptable to her, and not a way she chooses to live.
"Don't wait to lose weight or until your life is just perfect to make changes. Pursue your dreams right now."
In Kenya, as in many places around the world, a girls' journey into adolescence is a challenging time. She faces significant pressures and expectations.
With these three questions, it is possible to look at decisions without weighing pros and cons or over-evaluating every minute detail.
There are people all over the world that are reading her stories and feeling like they are not alone anymore. Taking chances they might not have taken because now they believe in themselves. How does she have this impact on people? Because she had the courage to tell her stories. Now she is asking me to tell mine.