Nessa Diab is featured in his Paper Magazine profile, which spotlights Know Your Rights Camp's 10 pillars of protections for Black and Brown communities.
The new jerseys honored women such as Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Nobel Prize winner Malala Yousafzai and singer Beyoncé.
The Fearless Girl will now call the front of the New York Stock Exchange her permanent home.
Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai returned to Pakistan for the first time since she was nearly killed by Taliban militants.
Beyonce has leant her song “Freedom” to the Global Goals film #FreedomForGirls.
A youth circus program in Trenton, New Jersey is bringing kids together from all walks of life to strengthen friendships and build up communities.
We are free to be ourselves without the burden of the expectations of others.
Over the course of the previous couple of years, we developed a tradition for spending intentional time together on January
Imagine all the possibilities you would create in your life right now if you simply chose today instead of choosing to continue
"Remember how we disagreed on this and we chose to do it your way? Turns out you were right. Good for you. Do it again." It's
Adessy Associates believes social and business objectives are mutually reinforcing. We equip and enable organisations and
Just as some can't see the forest for the trees, some get so far into the details they can't see the bigger picture. This
The Wild East of Resource Exploitation ODC's open data archives have long provided a much-needed service that even the Cambodian
How do you stay focused and energized in a stressful work environment? Do you find creative solutions to problems you encounter
I recently chatted with Neil Pasricha who I find wonderfully inspiring. Neil is the author of The Book Of Awesome, and The
I see four options: But then, I realized, I had been there before. Exasperated with the failings of a political process. Profoundly
Energize the sorrow at the power of bullies and anger at injustices everywhere to fight for justice and silence the bullies
Muslim women who are wearing the headscarfs are becoming the targets of attacks and threats to their lives and safety. Zainab goes to Minneapolis, Minnesota to understand why they are taking the headscarf on, the meaning of Islam in their lives, and how they are fighting back with their voice and actions .
The paradox of what holds as one of our greatest civil liberties and its ability to make me feel so small and voiceless is a feeling that I cannot shake.