Pruitt's spokeswoman denied any link between the approval and the apartment rental.
The lobbyist may have outed himself by hitting “reply all.”
Despite its green-sounding name, the Mass Coalition for Sustainable Energy represents companies who want to build more natural gas pipelines.
The congressman urged state officials to think about climate change, pollution and Native American rights.
A struggling energy sector and environmental groups are both putting pressure on the government.
The Botsfords stood their ground and today the oil company lost in an appeal to the Supreme Court of North Dakota.
Oil and Gas Roots Dubbed the "Chaos Company" in an April 2014 Vanity Fair article, G4S is often brought into the stickiest
The groups say NWP was never intended to authorize massive pipeline infrastructure projects and that that kind of permitting
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The 2010 spill was one of the largest inland oil spills in U.S. history.