Protect non-computer information. Your paper-based files, bank statements, passport, and credit card statements provide ample
In the mad rush between buying presents and spending time with family and friends, we may not realize how much work software
With the next Administration and Congress coming to Washington in January, industry and policymakers have an opportunity
The new service will provide another means for people to communicate without fear of eavesdropping.
"The study of Parkinson's should demonstrate the usefulness of PEP. With this showcase as an example, PEP could grow to become
More than half of the the world’s internet users are on IM every day and for many people some of their most private conversations
If you were Vladimir Putin, or President Xi of China, what would you do if you had the entire archive of Hillary Clinton's emails, classified and unclassified, "deleted" and not, in your hands? What value to you would that be in your next round of negotiations with the president of the United States?
The combination of the terrorist attacks, and the show of dissent against the government represented by the Zhanoazen massacre
As time passes following the FBI's announcement that it accessed the iPhone without Apple's help, I'm glad to see some of the answers are starting to take shape -- but the answers are not particularly good for Apple, or for the general public's right to privacy.
A judge ordered the messaging app unfrozen on Tuesday.
Encryption can be a tool for good and evil. It's the safest way for an enterprise to keep information safe from prying eyes and sticky fingers, but unfortunately it's relatively easy for a hacker -- and not even a very clever one -- to use it to force an ugly situation.
Certainly our Founding Fathers understood that the privacy necessary for a true Constitutional Republic to thrive would indeed
Ryan's got enough problems right now as it is, since he hasn't really gotten anything done in the House this year. Just like John Boehner before him, the Tea Party extremist faction is holding everything hostage and gumming up the works.
The tech giant filed a lawsuit on Wednesday claiming the government is violating users' Constitutional rights.