Don't cry for New Orleans. While it was a time to mourn the loss of a great talent, Prince, the New Orleans Jazz Fest was a confirmation and celebration of the reincarnation of the City many had written off as dead a decade earlier.
The festival has evolved into the largest annual gathering of Colombian musicians in New York.
Ever see someone truly go crazy on a harp? Now you can. Colombian jazz harpist Edmar Castañeda demonstrated what the instrument
Colombians in the city have built a thriving music scene that runs the gamut of styles, from Latin jazz to salsa, from punk
Just before the International Jazz Festival, another global gathering takes place in Montréal as a flock of academics, artists, activists, students and enthusiasts of all kinds will come from all over to participate in the IX Encuentro.
NEW YORK -- The city’s largest Colombian music festival is back. Some of the most talented Colombian musicians in the United
As the Oscar-nominated film No continues to stir controversy in Chile, Chilean performance artists collaborated at the Encuentro in São Paulo.
The yearly get-togethers started in 2003, when Mayor and a group of musicians brought the Gaiteros de San Jacinto from Colombia