enda executive order

Dr. Dana Beyer, the executive director of Gender Rights Maryland, discussed on HuffPost Live Tuesday President Barack Obama's
Our panel talks with Ricky about why ENDA is a lost cause of Republicans .
There were, in fact, a handful of Republican lawmakers who issued press releases. But those who did -- namely, Sens. Orrin
This story has been updated with more information about Exxon Mobil's written policy on workplace discrimination, as well
To the dismay of LGBT rights groups, Obama has resisted taking matters into his own hands. An executive order banning workplace
"I just don't engage in discussion about speculative executive orders," Carney said. "There is legislation on Capitol Hill
"If we had ENDA but no executive order, you could sue a federal contractor," explained Sarah Warbelow, legal director for
President Obama made a big splash with 2 executive orders relating to equal pay for women. But for all his talk about using the power of his pen to get things done, he isn't showing any signs of taking action on an issue with significant support: banning workplace discrimination against LGBT people.
"It would strengthen the Macy v. Holder ruling," Vestal said. "It would help eliminate the structural discrimination ... Transgender
The Huffington Post reached out to all of those members -- including many who have cosponsored broader legislation to ban