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Ireland's prime minister Leo Varadkar upstaged his Canadian counterpart in the sock stakes during their first official meeting.
Women’s rights are still an issue we are fighting for on a global scale. The Women’s March on Washington inspired hundreds
Ireland is the latest European nation to be swept into turmoil over austerity.
Polls show that Sinn Féin, which hopes to capitalize on several factors toward what would be a historic victory, could wind up as the second-largest party for the first time in the history of the Republic of Ireland.
Former Swedish Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Carl Bildt Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny Greeks head to the polls on
This would be an historic moment for any country, but it is even more so for this bastion of conservative Catholicism. So how did Ireland, one of the last Western democracies to decriminalize homosexuality, become the first country to embrace marriage equality by popular vote? Five factors shaped the outcome.
Ireland has the great opportunity to show how much it values equality, how seriously it takes human and civil rights. The people's support is not just needed in an abstract way -- we're being called upon to actively engage in the extension of so central an institution as marriage.
If Enda Kenny really wants America to understand Irishness today, then he would do well to demonstrate to the world his nation's long concern for those who have suffered and stood up for their dignity in the long path towards human rights.
Gay and Lesbian Equality Network (GLEN) chairman Kieran Rose said that its members of the network were "delighted" with the