endangered birds

As global temperatures rise, as weather patterns shift, as vital bird habitats dwindle and disappear, familiar and beloved species will leave for more suitable locales or die out completely.
A Saudi Prince hunts and kills about 2000 endangered birds in 21 days.
After this year’s annual killing season ceased in early February, Pakistan’s Lahore high court put an interim ban on the
The latest show in the capital Kathmandu coincided with the Hindu festival of crows, which are revered as messengers from
A unique competition to photograph some of the world's rarest birds has produced incredible pictures. The effort, sponsored
Bicknell's thrush (scientific name, Catharus bicknelli) is one of the rarest birds to inhabit the high elevation forests of the Adirondacks. They face pressures, primarily from deforestation, and the population has been in decline.
This article comes to us courtesy of California Watch. In the first study of its kind, the Point Reyes Bird Observatory, an
A bird that lives as long in legends as it does life: The Albatross remains one of most majestic of all of the Antarctic