endangered sharks

I have been lucky enough to spend many years in the water studying and swimming with sharks to learn how to best protect them. There are a lot of misconceptions about sharks, but to help clear up a few myths up here are five things I've learned from swimming with these amazing and important animals.
Why are sharks so misunderstood? And why are they so important? Sharks are misunderstood like no other creature, to the point
Shark Shield sees its product not only as a lifesaver for humans but also for sharks. If the shield can prevent attacks, culling
Discovery Channel's 26th annual Shark Week kicked off last Sunday. With many species at risk of extinction, we discuss what you can do to keep sharks safe.
The year 2011 saw a reported 12 shark deaths worldwide, the most since 1993, according to National Geographic. A report released
The population survey, conducted in 2011 and 2012 near the Farallon Islands off central California and Guadalupe Island off
Though Shark Week has become somewhat sensationalized -- replete with drinking games and hashtags such as #Chompdown -- the
Shark populations around the world have declined precipitously in recent decades, with millions of the iconic fish falling
Since the 90s, growing demand for shark products, specifically fins, has coincided with serious population declines for a number of shark species throughout the world.
Check out this WildAid video of Branson swimming with the sharks: The Pew Environment Group reports that nearly 30 percent
Shark Week always inspires a lot of excitement as well as a lot of discussion. In popular culture, sharks are often portrayed
If even just a fraction of all Shark Week viewers took action to protect sharks, it would equal millions of people speaking up for the ocean's top predators. We shouldn't be scared of sharks, we should be scared for them.
For our health and the planet's, we should eat more vegetables and less red meat. But as it turns out, swine are responsible, on average, for only about 1/5 the CO2 emissions of beef.