endocrine disruptors

In June, President Obama signed landmark legislation to ensure the safety of commercial chemicals found in countless everyday products from furniture to clothing to cleaning supplies.
While this is alarming, you should definitely not forgo sun protection.
A study published by the faculty of Medical University of South Carolina indicates that oil spills and the chemicals used to clean up those spills may be contributing to the obesity epidemic.
"Emerging evidence ties endocrine-disrupting chemical exposure to two of the biggest public health threats facing society
Here are three types of products you should put a little thought into before purchasing, as the wrong varieties can have lasting, harmful effects on our waterways, our environment, and ourselves.
BPA, an already highly controversial chemical, has received renewed attention in the past week. A study published last Saturday
Rasanayagam underscored another concern shared by health experts and anti-fracking advocates: Fracking companies are not
These simple recommendations to eat a plant-based diet, be physically active each day, and avoid alcohol can help our girls avoid breast cancer in later life.
The Environmental Protection Agency, which is charged with protecting us and the environment from the risks of pesticide use, has failed to assess the impact of literally hundreds of pesticides on our nation's endangered species despite a clear legal requirement to do so.
You needn't have a medical background to know my symptoms were not normal. My hairdresser was watching my hair fall out by the handfuls for months, and she kept asking me about potential thyroid issues.
“In my opinion, our findings are clearly of concern as some endocrine-disrupting chemicals are possibly more dangerous than
Chemicals in your household products may be negatively affecting your hormones, says a recent study by the World Health Organization. The exposure happens on a daily basis from being in contact with items like soap, shampoo, cleaners, drinking water, food and plastic containers.
"Chitin/chitosan offers a renewable, biobased feedstock alternative to traditional petroleum-based synthetics," the EPA said
The United States has one of the world's best systems for both wastewater and potable water treatment and distribution; however, that doesn't mean we are without challenges.
Why wouldn't we seek to further regulate all toxic substances on our foods, whether organic or not, rather than concluding we might as well eat the conventional foods?
I would recommend using cortisol saliva testing if you need to figure out the severity of adrenal fatigue, but leave the other hormone testing to your serum tests, where the studies support more consistency to the results so that you get more for the money you are paying for your health.
"I did think about how the pit probably had some gross stuff in it," said Carignan, who was at Boston University School of
But not everyone is convinced that endocrine disruptors pose a public health risk, and the science is complicated, to put
Wait, so we may be setting the stage for diseases like breast cancer before a baby is even born?