enemy combatants

The Boston bombing is so horrific, and the evidence of guilt apparently so overwhelming, that the country might wish to go straight to the punishment stage, but that is not how our system of justice functions.
"Here's what we're suggesting, that the surviving suspect -- due to the ties that these two have to radical Islamic thought
It seems that the current administration led by President Obama has learned important lessons about not over-reacting, about defeating terrorism through resilience and respect for civil liberties like the right to a trial.
Carney said the decision was backed by the administration's entire national security team and ran through a list of suspected
Jeff Johnson, host of BLIS.FM's The Intersection, joins Alicia and Marc to discuss the gun control bill that failed to pass.
Lawmakers have weighed in on how Boston bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev should eventually be tried. We examine officials' decision to not read him his Miranda rights before interrogation, how the media failed and how Boston is healing.
Sen. Dianne Feinstein strongly rejected calls to declare Boston bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev an enemy combatant, arguing that it would be unconstitutional to do so.
"That evidence cannot be used against him in trial. That evidence is used to protect us as a nation," Graham continued. "Anytime
"The current administration has a firm and publicly stated policy against using military detention for domestic captures
It is nice to know that we won't use drone strikes on American soil. Perhaps some day we won't fly drones over countries with which we are not at war.
As an experienced and recently retired assault helicopter pilot and mission commander in the Royal Air Force, I spent 20 years working with UK and U.S. special forces in pursuit of terrorists from Northern Ireland to Kosovo and Macedonia to Baghdad.
"Is this acceptable in someone who has taken an oath to uphold the constitution?" Paul asked on Wednesday. Section 1021, Paul
Thus, what little hope remains rests with what Pulitzer Prize-winning war correspondent Chris Hedges refers to as the modern
John McCain's latest war gospel hangs an alarming tale. The rule of law has been dethroned and the president has been endowed with absolute power as the American Empire has eclipsed the American Republic.
The fundamental difference between people like Marc Thiessen and General Hayden and "terrorist sympathizers" like myself is that they seem to feel that detaining dozens of innocent people potentially for decades is acceptable.
Moreover, the government argued to the Supreme Court that our HLP clients, members of domestic humanitarian groups who proposed
In the course of trying to prove that its "enhanced" interrogation program was legal, the Bush administration may have broken
The 48 Guantánamo Bay detainees whom the Obama administration has decided to keep holding without trial include several for
White House officials have told the Justice Department to consider other venues for the 9/11 terror trial that was to be