energy companies

Energy companies that issued new share offerings this year have done better than average.
By 2010, trade in LNG grew to represent nearly 10 percent of the total global demand for natural gas. The expansion in liquefaction capacity has been dramatic, but will it last?
Gas is in. Chocolate is out. All in all, 2011 seems to have been a great year for energy companies. Six of the 10 most profitable
Conservatives have been pushing back against environmental regulations, with their efforts becoming especially focused in
While Dodd-Frank is best known as an attempt to regulate the financial sector -- and, its supporters say, prevent another
The future of the oil sands lies with the growth of oil demand in Asian markets, not in American ones. And that future, more than any regulatory decision in either the United States or Canada, will depend on the price of oil.
Take a look at the advertisements below. They are some of the controversial examples of potential corporate "greenwashing
Aug. 9 (Bloomberg) -- Financier Carl Icahn disclosed that his hedge funds invested almost $1 billion in energy stocks during
Democrats from oil- and gas-producing states are pushing back against the Obama administration's plans to end tax breaks
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Reports of slackening demand sent oil down another 2.5% on Thursday to $101.84 per barrel. Crude prices have declined 7.6