energy development

The world's economies are totally unprepared for rapid climate change, rising social inequality and the end of cheap energy.
He calls for urgent transition to alternative energy at Vatican meeting.
The move marks the first time the United States has publicly accused Moscow of hacking into American energy infrastructure.
"As long as it’s made in America, I’m good with it," Secretary Ryan Zinke said Friday.
Rod Brueske says that after an oil and gas company installed a five wells across the road from his farm in Longmont his family
As a veteran, I find myself in complete agreement. It's not an either-or question. The key is to direct oil and gas development to the right places, and to set aside some lands that are too special to drill.
We must not allow large-scale oil and gas field development via fracking to pollute and deplete park watersheds, foul park air quality, fragment habitat for park wildlife, and create excessive industrial sound, and light pollution near our parks.
The BLM is taking public comments on its draft Resource Management Plan through Sept. 7. Please tell the BLM to protect the
Our energy challenges are shared among nations, and their resolution requires both domestic action and international cooperation. A concerted global effort to end the secrecy that often surrounds energy development is a good place to start.
Less than a century ago, the Southern Utes were barely hanging on, squeezed onto an unremarkable sliver of reservation land