energy storage

In research there is evolution, revolution and sometimes, what I call "retro revolution," which happens when old methods have new applications. All three are in play in the world of electricity, and are affecting storage.
There are a series of demonstration projects underway that will explore ways of expanding energy storage including high tech
Elon Musk has tweaked his vision for storing clean energy in your home.
The technology for energy storage isn't the problem -- it's the way we price electricity.
We'll get there. It's only a question of when, and whether that will be fast enough. This is nothing like the sort of AI
As Jeb Handwerger--founder of Gold Stock Trades--recently told the Resource Investor: "This is just the beginning. We're
A less-understood, less-covered, but equally important element of the current U.S. energy evolution is energy efficiency. I know what you're thinking: that's old news.
What if you could program your car to first charge itself and then distribute its power to the grid until it's close to the time you get out of work when it would then top itself off again before you head home?
Just over a decade ago, the state of California faced serious concerns about whether its utilities could generate and/or buy enough power to assure that the world's seventh-largest economy could keep the lights on.
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