Energy transition

He calls for urgent transition to alternative energy at Vatican meeting.
Small is beautiful in economies where people matter. Local entrepreneurship is growing to foster more sustainable lifestyles
One possibility for ensuring people's support for the energy transition is to encourage them to be actively involved in citizens
The transition from outmoded, dirty power to advanced, clean energy is highly lucrative. Winners should compensate vulnerable losers; just capture a fraction of these new profits and we can protect the security and welfare of otherwise stranded workers and communities, provide investment capital for economic diversification and ensure the full value of pension funds.
The foremost environmental issues in the coming year revolve around air pollution, especially the regulation of greenhouse gas emissions. But what about the longer view?
All is not lost, my Green friends. We're hardly back to Bush. In fact, there is finally significant momentum going in the right direction.
To replace our offshore oil with wind, you'd need 195 Californias, or 74 Texases of wind, and probably 20 years to build it.