Engagement and Proposals

Yes, the "One Tree Hill" star has seen your TikToks.
It's fair to say these award-winning images are not your typical engagement pics.
The comedian celebrated her engagement during a stop by "Late Night with Seth Meyers" this week.
"I opened up my Notes app on my phone to retrieve the email they had given me but... somehow their contact info had gotten deleted. I was devastated."
We talked to a neurologist and psychologist, and it turns out that you can, sort of, entice someone to get down on one knee after cooking for them.
I was shocked by how often I felt judged for the decision. Here’s why I did it.
WRCB anchor Cornelia Nicholson thought she was recording promos, not realizing she was really getting engaged.
The couple made things public by showing off Deschanel’s new ring on Instagram with a pic that was captioned, “Forever starts now.”
Malone also said he's written numerous songs about his fiancée, but hasn't shown them to her — because he's shy.
While announcing the engagement, Hogan said, “She was crazy enough to say yes, brother."