engagement season

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You've been talking about this with everybody - and you're mortified now. What do you tell your friends and family who were
Prepare Your Sound Bite If you're feeling pressured by all the queries about why you're still single (Don't you just love
Wedding planning can be a hectic adventure from the moment that ring gets slipped onto a finger. From picking the date, to selecting the venue and all of your vendors, it is a roller coaster ride that needs serious management. This is why you hire a planner, but you already knew I was going to say that.
They don't call it "engagement season" for nothin'! The time between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day always seems to be chock
Here are six planning steps to take within the first month of your engagement that will help take away some of that stress.
Credit: pmcell via Instagram Credit: pharrisphotos via Instagram "I got engaged last night. It was magical and surprising
"This picture says it all..." - @angel_sprinkles "I asked her to marry me...and she said 'yes!'" - @mmarcewicz According
There are endless opportunities for people to press you about the state of your relationship. "SO WHEN ARE YOU GETTING ENGAGED?" everyone and her brother and her mother and her dog wants to know. Here's exactly what to tell people:
It's true, winter really is engagement season; according to a new survey, Christmas Eve is the most popular day to propose
Photo by: Spanglish Studios on Inspired By This via Lover.ly 'Tis the season...engagement season, that is! From Thanksgiving
After surfacing on Reddit, a photo of twelve girlfriends celebrating 'Engagement Season' went viral. We talk to the girl in the red vest about the ridiculousness that is 'Engagement Season.'
A photo that surfaced on Reddit on Saturday perfectly sums up the way we sometimes feel this time of year, when all our friends
They popped the champagne, then he popped the question. Last week we showed you gorgeous rings submitted by real couples
December is the most popular times of year to get engaged. Could be that lots of families are together at Christmas to share the news with or that a partner wants to literally "ring" in the New Year.
While I believe it's absolutely the bride's day, I'm not sure I can co-sign the desire to toss every bit of taste and decorum out the window. At some point, over the top becomes just too, too much.