engagement season

Photo: Roger Prigent/Vogue To celebrate his upcoming flick The Choice, Nicholas Sparks opened up on all things romantic with
Dr. Greer's Advice: It's tough because if you didn't get the proposal, it may be that he's planning something special and
If it feels like everyone's getting engaged but you, here's a fun fact: December is also "Breakup Season." According to a
Wedding planning can be a hectic adventure from the moment that ring gets slipped onto a finger. From picking the date, to selecting the venue and all of your vendors, it is a roller coaster ride that needs serious management. This is why you hire a planner, but you already knew I was going to say that.
They don't call it "engagement season" for nothin'! The time between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day always seems to be chock
Here are six planning steps to take within the first month of your engagement that will help take away some of that stress.
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"I'd like to present the future Mrs. Vigil!!" - @alex_vigil44 "After I proposed to my fiancée at a Christmas party." - jhallz23
There are endless opportunities for people to press you about the state of your relationship. "SO WHEN ARE YOU GETTING ENGAGED?" everyone and her brother and her mother and her dog wants to know. Here's exactly what to tell people:
But men, don't go rushing to buy an engagement ring just yet. The women surveyed said that they would prefer to be proposed