You work hard, you work harder, and then you get a montage. The montage starts when you get hit in the face with a pizza by the other engineers on your team. Then you get a little better as Bon Jovi or Tina Turner belt out a power ballad just for you.
Frankly, this put terror in my heart. I am not a baker. Cookies are a lot easier than pie crusts, but if Olof, who has never baked anything ever, was counting on me for guidance, this could be a disaster.
Think you know what an engineer is supposed to look like? Think again.
It's this inequality that propelled Banks to begin taking classes to become a mechanic and later start Girls Auto Clinic
5. Biomedical Engineer 3. Mathematician Math skills can be adapted for a variety of fields, from technology and business
What is happening to our species is we are becoming far more than just human. All around us incredible advances in technology are changing and improving us.
Andrew Levy (Courtesy of Crittercism) Follow Andrew at @AndrewMLevy, and check out the other interviews in Going Against
I'm all for development of superior machine intelligence that can help the world out with its brilliant analytical skills. But programming AI with mammalian ideas, modern-day philosophies, and the fallibilities of the human spirit is dangerous and will possibly lead to total chaos.
This week features Bob Ezrin, one of the most commercially successful producers of all time. He's worked with many of the world's most important contemporary artists.
Representing women in technology and science begins with raising girls to become a part of those fields.
It's the responsibility of both the designer and the engineer to work together to find the smartest way to deliver the desired result. Of course, that's the crux of it--figuring out how to get them working together first.
I was pleased to learn that the latest popular dating app, Tinder, now has an Android client. Besides forcing me to reactivate my Facebook account, it seems simple enough. Unfortunately, I quickly realized that this was going to turn in to a massive time sink. Perhaps, I thought, I could optimize it?
Leonardo was, perhaps not surprisingly, born in Vinci in the territory of Florence, where he became an apprentice for the
Jarda Nehybka never thought he'd have a wife and two tow-headed toddlers, not at this age, 69.
XAM (photo © Jaime Rojo) Brooklyn Street Art: Can you talk about your new collection of foreclosed units and the intersection
Grijalva spearheaded a letter in February calling for the Mineral Management Service to fully investigate reports that BP's
Peter Frederick, an expert on wading birds at the University of Florida, and John Ogden, a biologist now working as the director