The AfroTech Conference 2018 took place in San Francisco, where techies, founders, engineers, and entrepreneurs gathered to exchange ideas and network. AfroTech was sponsored in part by Oath, HuffPost’s parent company.
This won't happen to your startup, though, because you thought through the questions above ahead of time. Building a good
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Students at John Hopkins University are the first to develop a prosthetic foot that can adapt to heels up to four inches high.
It's now been a full year since Donald Trump announced his candidacy for U.S. President and began dominating news cycles
But why is flow so important? Mihály Csíkszentmihályi has written extensively about the state of flow and its relationship
I'd spent the past couple days gorilla trekking in the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. This afternoon, I decided to go wandering around Kanungu instead. I walked down through a valley, and across the Munyanga River towards the forest.
We do not treat engineers very nicely -- at least not those who are federal employees or contractors. The very politicians who lead in exhorting our young to become engineers are those who treat engineers as disposable workers
For Robinhood founders Baiju Bhatt and Vladimir Tenev, the 2008 financial crisis, followed by the Occupy Wall Street movement, were a source of inspiration to create Robinhood, a mobile first zero-commission stock brokerage app.
We will always need talented engineers and scientists. But our future rests on how successful we are in getting technology and humans to interact in ways that benefit our planet and everyone who lives on it.
Scroll below to see #girlswithtoys tweets. The #girlswithtoys campaign is stunning, powerful and will make you want to bust
Piazza is an education platform startup that is quickly becoming a staple for university students. Using the Piazza platform, students get to ask questions and have them answered by fellow students, TAs and Professors.
Math and science are important parts of engineering, but so is creativity. We're coming up with new ideas, new projects and new technologies to change our business. It's invigorating and personally rewarding on levels I never could have imagined as a college freshman.
Math and science came easy to me growing up. My teachers understood how to encourage those interests. They challenged me, but they also built my confidence by giving me opportunities to serve in leadership roles.
As a female engineer, I can't say I'm surprised. But what she does mimic is my excitement for my job, my confidence and my devotion to the science that makes my work so important.
Children are born naturally curious. They ask questions about why things exist, how things work, what things do. That sense of wonder doesn't end at any particular age.
7. When your professors talk about what it’ll be like in the real world. “If the test is open-book, shouldn’t it be easy
The campaign to stop cyber-crime begins with educating the next wave of professionals, but ongoing education and idea exchange are the ultimate keys to confronting cybercrime on the ground and in the boardroom.
Almost all objective analysts have been unable to find evidence of broad-based "shortages" in the science and engineering workforce.
Our continuing failure to devise and operate a coherent nationwide training program to help prepare young people for careers in modern manufacturing is a national disgrace, and one with potentially severe repercussions.