English as a foreign or second language

After telling students that they should speak English, Megan Neely stepped down from her role as program director but remains a teacher at the school.
Non-native English speakers share what stumps them ... and makes them laugh.
“Let me tell you now, if you no speak English, I will send you home.”
I blame the movie 13 Going on 30. When it was released, I was 16, closer to the 13-year-old protagonist than the 30-year
“I can’t wait until I leave this place and get away from all of the girl drama, all of the mean girls.” Tears falling and
  Tonight, you walked on without me, and the perfect night I had envisioned in my head just wasn’t so perfect. It was a chilly
in the middle of the cornfield, I thought to myself, "This is what love is."
In policing books concerning real-life drama out of our curricula, we fail all students.
Her words struck a chord with me and made me realize my passion for my job.
Love is never easy. It’s always a risk.
The back-to-school advertisements are in full swing. Store displays portray envy-worthy dorm room setups. With August around
I’ve come to learn that society isn’t always kind when your family status doesn’t match the expected norm.
Pride month has come and gone. Despite the notable silence from the current administration, the degree to which members of
As a high school English teacher, it sometimes feels like reading for pleasure is a dying art. I sometimes worry bookworms
There’s something about approaching your 30th birthday that makes you think about the past. Maybe it’s the knowledge that
Protect your skin. You’ll thank yourself in the years to come.
It can take Americans weeks, or even months, to learn how to correctly pronounce a Korean name.