English Channel

The announcement comes just a few weeks after France made a similar pledge.
The early twentieth century was an age of immigration -- millions left Europe in despair, defeat or fear to make new lives in America. My family history is not much different from that of other immigrants, but with one big deviation: two generations arrived from Europe and two later generations returned!
Halfway through Ian McEwan's novel Atonement the reader joins up with the British Expeditionary Force as it slogs through the battered northern France countryside, hoping to reach the English Channel at Dunkirk before being overtaken by the pursuing Germans.
The race organizer tried to physically throw her out of the race, but she successfully completed the marathon.
When K.V. Switzer filled out her application to run the Boston Marathon, she wasn't being secretive; that was how Kathrine Switzer signed her name. The first woman to run the Marathon, she had help in fending off the race official who tried to remove her.
At an age when many of his contemporaries are contentedly inactive, a 70-year-old grandfather of three has become the world's
Croizon lost his arms and legs in 1994 after he was electrocuted while adjusting a television antennae on the roof, The New
"We took that as a sign of good luck," Gerard Croizon told The Associated Press on Saturday. Philippe Croizon's father said
The pioneering French balloonist Jean-Pierre Francois Blanchard and John Jeffries, an American doctor who paid for the flight