english language learners

On one hand, researchers have shown that the rate of vocabulary acquisition is similar in both monolingual and bilingual
“We don’t have a qualified pool to pull from.”
At the same time Clark County is trying to attract new teachers, it's trying to keep those it has by addressing root factors
The 40-page guidance makes it clear that schools must have systems in place to identify students who may be in need of ELL
Research shows that the most common problems English language learners is that of understanding meaning of academic texts. Teachers need to ensure they are also helping their students making important literary and deeper comprehension connections.
Now that the standards have been adopted, we have to focus on making sure that these standards are implemented in the most
Those working on developing assessments for the Common Core will have to decide what kind of accommodations to allow for
With 1 in 4 of the nation's English Language Learners students living in California, this federal early learning plan also has the potential to be groundbreaking in that it ensures all children get the strong start they need to succeed in school.
I have long been perplexed by the dilemma that test-driven "reform" created. Teachers cannot remain silent as our integrity is assailed and as corporate "reformers" follow their marketing plan and launch one outrageous attack on public schools after another.
“It’s working,” said Virginia Castro, an energetic young principal who took over the school four years ago. “I think it’s