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In the apology, Aaron Schlossberg claims he moved to New York because of all the diversity.
"Anyone that wants to call me racist on that basis, maybe we should settle it the old-fashioned American way in the alley," the shop's owner said.
Over the weekend, I enjoyed reading Jim Rutenberg's piece in the New York Times magazine on how conservatives have methodically
Wadi Gaitan, press secretary for the House Republican conference, wrote in an email to HuffPost that both Curbelo and Ernst
If Coffman truly believes that Spanish-language ballots should be provided to those voters who need them, he'd support the requirement to do so in the Voting Rights Act, despite the cost.
When MSNBC reported this week that the federal government would provide information about Obamacare by phone in 150 languages
Upscale grocery store Whole Foods continues to face fallout over allegations that it punished two Hispanic employees in New
“You cannot flourish in our economy, you cannot flourish in our country if you’re not proficient in English,” Rubio said
Here's the venerable Newt Gingrich explaining that encouraging the use of Spanish -- "the language of living in a ghetto
WASHINGTON — Sen. Lindsey Graham is the first target of a new broadcast ad campaign from an anti-immigration reform group