english premier league

The summer has been full of transfer speculation already and we still have over a month until the transfer window closes and all these moves beg the same question -- who will win the title?
At certain times on the calendar the volume and quality of sport on offer to fans and competitors alike overflows the capacity for any single person to absorb. It is an embarrassment of riches and at present we are in the midst of one such bonanza of events. Where to begin?
One way of quantifying the season is to look at how the twenty Premier League teams performed in relationship to each club's wage scale.
Nobody was hurt.
The Foxes were 5,000-to-1 longshots to win the English Premier League title.
Leicester City went from 5000:1 long shots to on the verge of winning the title.
In English Premier League soccer this season, goaltenders are having more success keeping goals out of the net when dawning black or grey jerseys in game action compared to when they are sporting yellow, orange, green or any other color.
Another strange weekend of Premier League football has come to an end which saw Leicester pull ahead at the front by three points as Manchester City and Arsenal both faltered against West Ham and Chelsea respectively.
Louis Van Gaal faced an ultimatum; another defeat was not acceptable and would ultimately lead to his parting ways with the club. For this pivotal match, he made some changes to the team that started against Stoke.