enjoying life

The key to the motivation lies in whether the result feels like deprivation and loss. When we are listening to our inner guide, respecting our best interests and taking care of ourselves, we are happy with the outcome.
What are you telling yourself you're too old to do? Ride a motorcycle? Go dancing? Join a singing group? A bicycle club? Learn a language? Play the ukulele? Climb a mountain? Wear shorts in public? Or a bikini? Or get a tattoo?
Because that's what Morley Safer taught us, with the example of his life. Way past the time when most folks retire, Morley
When you pursue your joy, you're living the fullest expression of self-care, what you need to take care of not only your time, attention, and energy -- but also your happiness. Think about how much more productive, impactful, and powerful you are when you're operating from that place?
I am convinced the animals in our lives regularly share the secrets of the Universe with us if we would only just pay attention.
As a life coach who works exclusively with mothers, I've noticed nearly all of my clients come to me with the same desire: to experience more pleasure amid the busyness of family life.
Maybe we know where we want to go but don't know how to get there. Together, let's build a plan that will help us grow as women, as business owners, moms, wives, daughters, sisters, and friends. Let's start with being happy.
This makes sense. I mean how many times have you made plans in advance only to blow them off because, well, you just weren't in the mood or, let's be honest, you felt like it was a more of a chore to get yourself up, dressed, and out the door to said meeting place.
For relationships to be joyful and flourish we must understand what makes us tick. The more we cherish our daily existence the greater happiness and satisfaction we'll bring to all aspects of our lives.
I believe working on yourself and maintaining a sense of balance can be more enjoyable and I am here to present a new way of dealing with your daily life so that you manage to experience a better sense of balance in everything that you do.
This holiday season my one wish is that you all take time to stop and relish in the simple joys surrounding you.
Surviving differs a bit from thriving, doesn't it? To survive is the least one can do. It's just getting by, simply existing. No one wants that. It's so minimal, so basic, without meaning; lacking substance.
Travel is inherently riddled with setbacks, disappointments, and annoyances so how you react to these will determine the outcome of a trip. You have to train yourself to think and react differently. By doing so, you'll enjoy yourself and your trip more (as will everyone around you).