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The mayor of Hiroshima called nuclear weapons "the absolute evil and ultimate inhumanity."
"It's an interesting album in the OMD timeline because its immediate predecessor, whilst now being considered to be our ultimate artistic conceptual masterpiece, managed to lose us ninety percent of our record buying audience at the time."
Theodore Van Kirk’s son confirmed he died of natural causes in his Georgia home on Monday the 28th. He was 93 years old.
Wherever you go in the Pacific, you can follow the swirl of humankind's passion for war, from rusting tanks and guns to monuments and markers in tranquil valleys, to the peaceful green lawns of manicured cemeteries
It didn't take long. In the immediate aftermath of the dropping of the "victory weapon," the atomic bomb, on two Japanese cities in August 1945, American fears and fantasies ran wild.
Sixty-seven years ago, the United States ended World War II -- and launched a new era of human existence -- by dropping atomic bombs, Little Boy and Fat Man, on the cities, killing some 220,000 people.
• In 1997, at the request of bomb survivors, the mayor of Nagasaki at that time deleted words of atonement for atrocities