Right-wing billionaires threw a hissy fit in recent weeks. The 99 percent are persecuting them, the wealthy ones whined. That whole Occupy Wall Street thing hurt their feelings, conservative 1 percenters pouted.
The real Mr. Big responsible for the economic and ecological catastrophes that currently beset us is, as usual, in hiding. But a peek at previous man-made disasters will begin to reveal his rap sheet.
American profiteers have done grievous damage to their own free market ideology, and, most importantly, to the economic well-being of the entire world.
2010-04-23-ronron.jpgThere couldn't be a more auspicious time for the stateside premiere of Enron as news of the latest Wall Street scandal cascades around us.
With 40 million people uninsured and skyrocketing health care costs, the GOP concluded that trial attorneys and litigation were to blame for all of the current health care system's woes.
Bush has yet to come close to balancing a budget. In fact, Bush has yet to even get moderately close to maybe possibly balancing the books one day.