Mary Poppins and Michael Myers are back, Lady Gaga is filling Judy Garland's shoes and "Creed" suits up for another round.
Not everyone in the chorus dances--there are indeed some musicals (à la Fun Home) where almost no one dances--but I'm going
So much great art is dependent on the need for ensemble. The great orchestras and dance companies are great not simply because of the agglomeration of talented artists but also because of the amount of time these artists have worked together to create an aesthetic.
Racial disparity has become a core thematic underpinning for the Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey, nearly 50 years after a Tulsa race riot that was part of the lynchings and race riots of the era.
Hire Jorge Garcia! He's free from Lost soon and would actually be a hilarious addition in a supporting role should Wilson
There's something different about Twitter. And it's more than just the poetic brevity of 140 character messages, it can actually be useful!
Teamwork only takes you so far. Learning how to tackle certain tasks and challenges independently will quickly put you on the path to becoming more successful.
There's pride and a new sense of self in becoming a Soloist. The Soloist is keenly aware of the difference between creative, innovative effort and mind-numbing groupthink. By cutting loose form the pack whenever possible, the Soloist reaches new levels of performance.
The Player won many well-deserved honors for his performance as a Vietnam POW in a show that ran for five years at the Hanoi