A conversation with a dear friend reminded me that April is Stress Awareness Month. Initially, I chuckled at the thought. Small business owners seldom need a reminder of the ongoing stress associated with business. As my internal laughter subsided, the magnitude of a month designated to make us aware of the degree of stress we experience -- and steps to reduce it -- isn't all bad.
Innovation is a primary force that that can create a sustainable nation. Innovation which is invested in can heal, protect, enable, sustain, employ and drive competition. You need many things to support innovation but the right visionary leadership is the first step.
"I'm busy" is probably the second most popular phrase I hear from pretty much everyone around me. I've learned not to believe every person who tells me that. I am not necessarily calling them liars. It's just that most people seem to be oblivious of the differences between "busy" and "productive".
It has been exactly five years since I started my own business. I remember my first day in the office. I was on fire, full of energy, ready to change the world and make some serious money. Five years later, I am overworked, over-stressed and honestly too tired to get out of bed, let alone think of ways how to make some serious money. So what went wrong?
In today's column, I am proudly sharing with you the 10 brands changing the face of this small country's economy. They are all tirelessly working to show the world that although a small country Macedonia has the potential to create successful global brands.
Maybe it is about time that we restart our belief system on entrepreneurship. Maybe it is time we stop treating it as a hip trend and acknowledge that by attaching ourselves to someone else's ideas we are losing the focus on our own story.
There are only two women CEOs out of 84 major startups. That's apparently progress.
This was my big key. I had to relax into knowing that everything was fine, everything was going to get done and if it didn't
The ideal assumption for VCs is that your venture will grow fast enough to take first place in the market but most favorable
Stand-ups are meant to loosely give everyone else an idea of what we've all accomplished recently, while also outlining our plans and goals until the next stand-up.
When confronted with a charismatic personality, don't you feel yourself drawn to that person, to their ideas, their beliefs? People look up to charismatic people. What does this have to do with your online venture? Everything.
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I move fairly fast and for anyone who knows me, they would probably say that is an understatement.
If you ask most in South Florida, the ongoing recession has had a major negative impact on their standard of living and way of life.
Exchanges are useful if you can't find a one-on-one local partner, but the Better Business Bureau recommends you read the fine print before you join a barter network.
From inside the bubble I bring you insights from some of tech's most inspiring and innovative entrepreneurs.
The UAE -- and Dubai in particular -- has been an utterly fascinating place to be in 2010. Obstinate denials of the recession