“Although I am not a world-famous artist as is Ye, I have just as much right to work as he does,” Nichol Lechmanik said.
The "Cheers" star clarified a detail about her separation from DeVito in an interview with Julia Louis-Dreyfus.
The "Scent of a Woman" icon has three grown children and he's a month away from joining Robert De Niro in late fatherhood.
The "Orange Is The New Black" alum had a message for her "siblings" and the resistance they face.
The Oscar-winning actor at first held off from slamming the former president by name at the Cannes Film Festival, then did it anyway.
The star's romance with 1975 rocker Matt Healy has left some Swifties concerned.
Fans are excited about the Martin Scorsese film's first trailer, but DiCaprio's midwestern accent is getting some major side-eye.
The "Bad Guy" singer, who was first linked to the Neighbourhood vocalist in October, previously joked about their 10-year age gap.
The actor had previously announced the arrival of his seventh child during an interview promoting his upcoming film, "About My Father."
“It’s like a video game,” she said about the relationship. “It feels like another weird player came into the video game.”