"Changing your look every season to please a fickle customer isn't how I work. I aim to create heirlooms." 18. Kendrick Lamar
PwC is adding a unique spin to the red carpet this year. We'll ask social entrepreneurs, educators, fashion designers and professional sports players not about what or who they are wearing, but about their purpose.
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3. Mark Darcy from ‘Bridget Jones’s Diary’ It is a truth universally acknowledged that once the air turns crisp and the trees
10. When your little sweetheart is not-so-sweet to his playmate. 8. When your daughter refuses to eat even one bite of dinner
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On a related note, No Doubt’s seminal album “Tragic Kingdom,” which put Stefani on the map with songs like “Just A Girl” and
Visit AcresAndAvenues.org for more of Jax Austin’s adventures as well as behind-the-scenes content. I encourage each of you
Memories are tricky, like shifting sand dunes that change with time and distance, some parts slipping away while leaving
Love, betrayal, friendship, loyalty. The themes of "Gossip Girl" are timeless. Or are they? In "Making a Scene," James Franco
“We are not perfect,” network president says about coverage of GOP frontrunner at Thursday town hall, a network insider tells