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“My gratitude is deep and my commitment to representing is strong," the award-winning veteran journalist said.
The reality star has repeatedly made clear she doesn't care about "Keeping Up With the Kardashians."
"It got me through the most difficult period of my life," Jeong recalled.
NATPE in 2017 "This is a one camera shoot; there is no cutting back, which adds to the intensity of the show," noted Leigh
"There is no room for the objectification of women ... not even in the locker room."
Alright, Carly -- I want that bed! PS Great outfit, too! Despite apparently now sounding American, according to all my British
Last December, I re-introduced you to the fabulous Nikki Haskell. You may remember her as the host and producer of The Nikki Haskell Show.
Nikki's newest project, Flashback To The Future, will incorporate classic footage with new interviews, parties, and fabulous fun. She's on a mission to make old things new and take us all along for the journey. How will she do it?