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The reality star has repeatedly made clear she doesn't care about "Keeping Up With the Kardashians."
"It got me through the most difficult period of my life," Jeong recalled.
Already in its 3rd successful season on Fox affiliate KTXL in Sacramento, "Sheriffs El Dorado County" (aka "Sheriffs EDC
"There is no room for the objectification of women ... not even in the locker room."
Despite apparently now sounding American, according to all my British friends (who call me the McYankee), I grew up in Scotland
Nikki's newest project, Flashback To The Future, will incorporate classic footage with new interviews, parties, and fabulous fun. She's on a mission to make old things new and take us all along for the journey. How will she do it?
As a co-host on "Entertainment Tonight" for more than a decade, Gibbons interviewed some of the biggest celebrities in television
Yes, even celebrities have a hard time staying away from delicious soul food. The 34-year-old admitted her cooking habits
I didn't know much about TV/Film production; I just knew that I wanted to make films and I didn't have the money to do it.
"As we went through the rooms of her villa, I had made some innocent remark about the bed," Leach says. "I said, 'This is
--Emmy Award-winning actor-comedian Wayne Brady describes his emotions and experiences battling depression. (Entertainment
Season of Joy is the latest offering of Christmas songs, old and new, from Terence P. Minogue. The album leads us through three special aspects of Christmas Part 1 -- The Season is for the weeks before Christmas, the busy time in anticipation of the upcoming festivities.
Some people stand in the darkness, afraid to... step on the scale! At least that's how it seems if you were a female cast member on the classic beach-set action soap, "Baywatch," which, believe it or not, is celebrating its 25th anniversary next year.
Some people stand in the darkness, afraid to... step on the scale! For more click over to ETOnline. Since hanging up their
By Michael Lopez Rocsi, who was born in Honduras, is no stranger to entertainment news. In fact, she became a hot story over
Former CNN weather reporter Rob Marciano will join CBS' "Entertainment Tonight" in 2013. Marciano has been named as the co