There is, without question, much that will need defending over the next four years, so much that people fought and died for in the twentieth century, so much that is threatened by the ascendancy of Donald Trump, the white nationalist right, and the Republican Party.
If he wants to preserve seniors' benefits in Medicare, as promised during the campaign, then adopting a voucher plan designed to shift costs to seniors fundamentally violates that pledge.
The presidential debates should be an opportunity to focus on the most important issues of the day. Unfortunately, the producers of the second debate failed miserably at this goal, because of their selection of which questions to ask.
The whole holiday has, somehow, left me feeling unappreciated. I've tended to get in a funk, and not out of grief or some sort of well-defined pain -- I can only imagine how hard Mother's Day must be to someone who has lost their mother.
Conservatives on Capitol Hill want to make it easier to cut mandatory programs.
Whether "liberal" or "conservative," a rational person who admits the veil of ignorance understands the importance of fairness and of general concern for the welfare not only of himself but of others who differ from his present status and characteristics.
Voters, who worry about paying their bills, don't want their Social Security benefits messed with. And, they certainly don't want their health care costs to go up. Older voters who are 75 years of age and over are equally nervous, if not terrified, of these changes.