As I was jogging down the bike path, a biker passed me going the other way. I noticed as he slowed to pass me, he made the
I did not get my MPH solely to ensure that populations are disease-free. I got my MPH because I care about addressing the social, cultural and structural factors that impact people's everyday wellbeing.
I wonder, what are the structural issues that lead us to re-enact unhelpful patterns of the past? What is the underlying blind spot that, if illuminated, could help us to see the hidden structures below the waterline?
What can we offer these orca families to commemorate their newborns after three years of heart-breaking losses of their calves? We can finally make good our government promises by tearing down the Snake River dams and help nourish orcas with the Chinook salmon they need to thrive.
Echoing Green expects powerful social returns from investment in promising leaders who recognize the future impact that climate change will have on their health, communities, and economic outlook.
Since 1970, Earth has had one special day a year when we take a moment and really think about our planet -- through demonstrations, fundraisers, volunteering, river cleanups, and other means of generally bringing our environment front and center.
For those who question whether capitalism itself is fundamentally at odds with a vision for corporate responsibility and a sustainable future, it is well to remember that capitalism has brought more benefits to more people than any other economic system conceived or tried.
The natural world is awakening from a tough winter, and our yards are greening up as the weather warms. But are our yards really as "green" as they could be?
This Earth Day, put people before polluters. If supporters like you stand up and demand the strongest standard possible, we can put our country -- and our planet -- on the path to a sustainable future and ensure a cleaner, healthier future for everyone.
When a system continues to produce the same results, one must conclude that the system, whether it was intended to produce those outcomes or not, is designed to produce those outcomes.
When everything is neat and tidy, you get a sense of control. And that would be mythical control, because one week of not
by guest blogger Elizabeth G. Craig   My boys have been sick all week with fevers. A little bit of the sniffles, too, but
There is a growing body of science that connects pollution, deforestation, wetlands destruction, and stream devastation with
The deal is so secret that not only is the public prohibited from reading its terms, but so too are the members of Congress
If global agreement on addressing climate change cannot be achieved, how can we possibly expect any global consensus on "technomanagement" of the atmosphere where the risks of serious negative consequences are so grave?
Sustainability and the concept of shared fate -- that we're all on this small planet together and our fates are woven together -- could sure benefit from a good song (or two).
His climate-change policy has been an abject failure, says Al Gore and just about everyone else. They’re wrong. Here’s why.
Despite the great progress that has been made since the first Earth Day, environmentalists still need your help and ongoing support to protect and preserve the planet, and its creatures. There are so many ways to get involved this Earth Day.
Ironically, cap and trade legislation fell victim to exactly the same top-down, insular thinking that has carried us all into the maw of a global climate crisis.
Latinos, low-income folks, and other disadvantaged communities are disproportionately paying the price for burning fossil fuels in both economic, and more prominently, public health costs.