Planned oil, gas and coal drilling is enough to exceed 1.5 degrees Celsius of warming by 120%.
Travel blogger Jessica Nabongo saw the effects of plastic pollution all over the world.
Robert Rising, known to his clients as “the black lumberjack,” is dedicated to saving fallen trees and creating furniture out of rescued wood. Rising also seeks to break stereotypes around lumberjacks, and he mentors younger people of color who want to be part of an industry that often boxes them out.
11 orcas and dozens of belugas have been released from a miserable holding facility, though some experts say the way they were freed may put them at risk.
Whales breached, rolled over, spouted and rose up to look directly at the watchers.
Plastics outnumber baby fish 7 to 1 in important feeding areas, a new study finds.
The actor has used his influence to raise awareness for environmental activism. In honor of his birthday, here are some moments when he spoke out.
Over 40 aftershocks rattled the rural region nestled in the Alborz Mountains, and residents rushed out of their homes in fear.
The man, who was injured by an IED in Afghanistan, has regained near-normal erections and the ability to have orgasms.
The 16-year-old activist spoke at a youth climate rally in Los Angeles during a week of wildfires ravaging California.
The European country offered to host the U.N. conference in Madrid after Chile abruptly pulled out amid fiery protests this week.
Roughly 300 million people may lose their homes by 2050 due to coastal flooding, a new study examining land elevation finds.
Animal rights activists say coating dogs with chemical dyes is stressful and can even cause allergic reactions
The latest brush fire broke out in Simi Valley outside of Los Angeles, forcing the library and nearby homes to evacuate.
The 16-year-old activist was tapped for "breathing new life into the debate surrounding the environment."
Primatologist Dian Fossey predicted the species would go extinct by 2000, but intense monitoring and care have given the great apes a second chance.
The service promises to help you cut waste. It’s better at emptying your wallet.
This weird gadget from Treepex was supposed to be satirical. But then people actually wanted to buy it.