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I believe that the reason 2016 was such an important year for climate action is that we are reaching the 10 percent threshold.
Around the world, a vibrant and active grassroots movement is demanding a place at the environmental table for the intersecting concerns of women's rights, Indigenous rights, and climate justice.
Rule 4: Don't get discouraged Legislation typically moves forward at a glacial pace. Cynicism is your greatest enemy, but
Many in power in developing economies still cling to the fallacy that progress is only possible by using fossil fuels, rather than taking the opportunity to leapfrog the mistakes of the Global North.
As the protestors protested, for the better part of an hour, the oil men and oil women, dressed in suits of blue and gray, sat back in their folding chairs and tap-tapped on their smart phones, while drinking the complimentary coffee and looking nonplused.
"The smallest actions can lead to the biggest changes," she said.
Environmental sensing networks will grow in the coming years, but the proliferation of new platforms that don't speak to one another is troublesome.
Colorado is a big state. There's lots of mountains, lots of skiing, and normally that's a good thing. Depending on how it's done, ski area enlargement and development can be good for a community. Or it can be problematic. Sometimes it can be REALLY problematic.
Environmental activists in Chile and around the world mourn the passing of Doug Tompkins, who died in a kayak accident in his beloved Patagonia yesterday. The eminent entrepreneur and conservation pioneer was an inspiring visionary and had the rare gift to turn his vision into practice.
I couldn't communicate as to why I didn't want to eat, because I didn't know how to get through what I tasted, and how I felt from it. Time passed and I refused to eat at Chicago Public schools, the food was beyond fake to my liking.
I'm brand new at environmental activism. One thing I have learned over the past year is that it is easy to get discouraged. There's four myths that I think contribute to this, which I want to address.
The programs that produce this environmental information may be inexpensive, politically expedient, far-reaching and especially flexible ways to influence environmental outcomes in a constrained and complicated world. But do environmental transparency programs work? Do they achieve program goals? Do they affect firms' bottom lines enough to motivate change?
Please join me in celebrating these 20 inspiring youth leaders and the seed grants that we were able to give them.
This week we were honored to give seed grants of $1000 each to people around the world who are tackling environmental and social problems in their communities.
“This was the perfect model of climate activism,” faculty task force member and marine biologist Joe Mobley said in a press
Urban planner Eymund Diegel, who lives near the canal and also sits on Public Lab’s board of directors, is one of the individuals
The environmental issues that we face as a global community are seemingly insurmountable, and the statistics about the impact and pace of climate change are alarming. However, people like Amira, Truth, Ronnie and Tyshane are somebodies who are doing something.
What inspired you to take on this challenge? We were inspired to create the Monthly Green Challenge this year because it’s
Despite obvious public opposition and scientific and legal recommendations, Mexico's Secretary of the Environment and Natural Resources approved the construction of the Las Cruces dam in mid-September of this year.