environmental art

A massive but necessary risk to communicate the dire condition of planet Earth.
Artist Guillaume Legros hopes viewers leave his work having experienced “a touch of humility.”
"We're often told about the quantity of waste we produce, but I think the impact of pictures can be much powerful than words," Antoine Repessé explains.
Thousands of saplings are needed to build one of Patrick Dougherty's internationally acclaimed stickwork sculptures. Hundreds of hours go into collecting the wild materials, visualizing its form and developing its structure.
Meat waste is the statement item you need in 2016.
Inspired by the the idea that "humans are part of nature."
"It is not only a political or economic problem, but an educational one."
"These artworks are testaments to the negative impact of our consumptive practices and reminders of the ongoing damage we subject our natural environment to."
What happens when an artist snaps photographs of polluted places, and then soaks those photos in the same chemicals that taint the land? This.