environmental concerns

Promoting his latest film, actor Harrison Ford chastized the United States and praised Greta Thunberg.
London’s new “smart street” is using new technology to encourage sustainable shopping and draw customers in.
Bacterial testing of lakes, rivers and other surface water has been cut by more than two-thirds in the last decade.
The study also projects that 10,798 new wind turbines will be built in the region, which will have a footprint as well, albeit
We often feel helpless in our daily lives -- God know I do. Superhero? Not so much. No obvious superhero power or even fab
Accelerated melting in the Arctic has U.S. officials considering the possibility of a national security threat. Could increased terrorist activity and violence be in store? Climate change experts weigh in on the geopolitical impacts around the world. Guest Malte Humpert joins Alyona to discuss.
Two Chinese battery factories were shuttered after 24 children between the ages of nine months and 16 years old were hospitalized
We are painfully slow on this eco stuff. But it's not just because we're not "ready" for action. Hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent to convince us that there is no problem,
In the eighties, we knew very little about the dangers of living with and around chemicals, and even less about the compounded exposures due to their cumulative effects.