Environmental Disasters

Authorities have been working to empty the Piney Point reservoir into local waterways to prevent it from collapsing and flooding into the surrounding area.
Last year, climate-linked disasters caused a record $306 billion in damage.
It's not listed on death certificates, but it's still considered "one of the great killers of our age."
Sixteen $1 billion-plus weather- and climate-related events killed at least 362 people.
So long Dirty Jobs, Clean Jobs are changing the way we work!
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By Robert Glasser The Kyoto Protocol was adopted 20 years ago and since then we have seen an explosion of extreme weather
The provision is included in a package that resembles an industry wish list.
“We cannot ignore the impact of climate change on our public health, our environment, and our economy," the Government Accountability Office says.
The notion that poisoning the planet is bad for people and profits is not shared universally.
Economic growth in developing countries doesn't have to come at the expense of the environment.