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Such economic citizenship programmes, which are being run by several small island states in the region, have raised concerns that terrorists, criminals and other shady characters could buy Caribbean passports to evade justice, slip into Europe and North America through the back door, or squirrel away billions in stolen public money in tropical tax paradises.
Today's workforce wants it all: Earn a good living, make the world a better place, report to good managers, and feel purpose
In the world of innovation, small changes don't get the credit they deserve. Big changes seem more exciting and somehow more important. But good innovation doesn't have to be large because it is, no matter what the dimensions, about impact.
I guess my own journey from the dark side began when I left the City. I loved being a research analyst but once I drifted up into senior management (eventually as Head of Equities in Europe for Lehman Brothers), I became part of the world that I didn't find especially comfortable.
"This is a Man's World" may have been the long-running theme song of our capital markets for decades, but when it comes to the investment field, women are singing a different tune. And companies may want to learn the lyrics.
The Keystone XL is widely popular among Republicans. On Friday, the House of Representatives approved the Keystone measure
While it is important for the Navy to maintain readiness, its proposed war-games in the Gulf of Alaska would be in the wrong place, at the wrong time, and would cause too many impacts to marine mammals.
The pair held a press conference on Wednesday to highlight concerns about the health impacts on communities near extraction
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A lot of historic post offices are redundant or inefficient as mail-handling facilities, but they're often architectural gems and more importantly, they're treasured by the communities they serve. It's a problem to which there is probably no ready solution, and each case doubtless presents unique characteristics.
Barack Obama, son of an anthropologist, might be expected to respect Indian tribes. Some of his words suggest that he does. But behind his rhetoric, the Obama administration runs roughshod over tribal cultural and spiritual values.
We're living in an age where information travels fast and is becoming a public good. So why share?
The damage from the bottled water industry isn't just to our intelligence and our wallets; it's also to the world we live in. We're severely harming the land, air and water around us, while the rest of the world pays the price for our thoughtless over-consumption.
Judge Lynn Adelman agreed with the plaintiffs that WisDOT and the Federal Highway Department (FHWA) had not done their homework
Which is greener, printed books or e-readers? Aluminum cans or glass bottles? The answers will surprise you. Washing By Hand
How many threatened birds and tortoises would you be willing to sacrifice to build a commercial wind farm, or a utility-scale solar array? It's an oversimplified way to frame things, of course, but it highlights the reality that renewable energy has environmental impacts, too.
An acre of fir trees can consume 12,000lbs of CO2. [1] For every Christmas tree cut down, tree farms plant one to three new
Now that Sandy has torn apart much of the East Coast, what are your local, state, and national officials doing about the environmental impact?